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Follow-up data improve the estimation of the prevalence of heavy alcohol consumption

Aims We aim to adjust for potential non-participation bias in the prevalence of heavy alcohol consumption. Methods Population survey data from Finnish health examination surveys conducted in 1987–2007 were linked to the administrative registers for …

Mark-recapture estimation of mortality and migration rates for sea trout (Salmo trutta) in the northern Baltic sea

Knowledge of current fishing mortality rates is an important prerequisite for formulating management plans for the recovery of threatened stocks. We present a method for estimating migration and fishing mortality rates for anadromous fishes that …

Correcting for non‐ignorable missingness in smoking trends

We propose an approach based on registry data to deal with non‐ignorable missingness in health examination surveys. The approach relies on follow‐up data available from administrative registers several years after the survey. The results indicate that the estimated smoking prevalence rates in Finland may be significantly affected by missing data.